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Belmont Village Parking

Residents without driveways are provided with one assigned parking spot in a parking area

located close to your residence. Parking spaces are numbered and assigned to a specific address.


Visitor spaces are meant to be temporary use spaces.

Second vehicles are able to park in the Arlington Storage lot on a first-come, first-serve basis. Second car parking in Arlington Storage is spots labeled 1-20. 


Under no circumstances should vehicles be parked on the street.

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Vehicles and Parking - Rules and Regulations

There is no legal street parking in Belmont Village. Common sidewalks, parking areas, and entrances to common areas should not be obstructed by vehicles. There is no parking on lawns, sidewalks, or on common areas. Parking spaces are not to be used for storage of vehicles. Boats, trailers, truck cabs, limousines, campers, mobile homes, motor homes, moving vans, commercial trucks or similar vehicles cannot be stored/parked at any time in any parking space or area owned or leased by Belmont. These vehicles must be parked off site, such as at a storage facility. Whether registered or not, unused vehicles being stored in Belmont Village are subject to towing at the Owner’s expense. An appropriate fine can be assessed, consistent with the Membership Agreement and By-Laws of the Association. [See Membership Agreement, paragraphs 9 and 12]

Do not park in the private parking space of another without prior written permission of the resident assigned the parking space. Doing so may result in a fine from the Association and/or towing at the Owner’s expense. The Association leases parking spaces from Arlington Storage that are available to owners and tenants for their second vehicle and for visitor parking. Spaces in our lots labeled “Visitor” should not be used by Owners or Tenants to permanently park a second vehicle. “Visitor” spaces are reserved for our transient visitors only. Assignment of parking lot spaces can be seen at

Vehicles are not to be repaired or maintained on any owned, leased or rented Village property.  As required by the Town of Clay, all vehicles must have proof of current registration and inspection on the windshield.

Report Parking Violations

Please complete this form only if someone is parked in your reserved parking space. Do not report for anyone other than yourself.

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